MORE Garage-Ready Refrigerators?

Just when you thought they were becoming impossible to find, another list appears, and with strategies for how to find the best garage ready refrigerators. Worth a look.


Interview with Mike Zawacki and Scott Norman, The Wars of Other Men

Interview with Mike Zawacki and Scott Norman, The Wars of Other Men.

Our First International Screening — “The Wars of Other Men” Screens at Keycon 2013 in Canada

Wish I could go to Keycon and screen it in person!

"The Wars of Other Men"

Winnipeg, MB, CANADA — Keycon 30 will be the first venue outside of the US to host a screening of “The Wars of Other Men” this weekend on Sunday, May 19, 2013.

Keycon is an annual Science Fiction & Fantasy convention where fans, artists, and writers gather in a welcoming and inclusive environment to celebrate all aspects of Sci-Fi & Fantasy, from books and games to television and movies. The convention has become famous for the inclusive and social atmosphere found in its themed “Hospitality” rooms. One fan favorite is the Masquerade Costume Contest where contestants flaunt costumes they’ve spent as much as a year preparing.

This year, Keycon celebrates its 30th anniversary with some additional special events added to the usual fare of gaming, panel discussions, art shows, and demonstrations. There will be a special “yearbook themed” program, a Geek Prom and Awards Dinner, and — special to us — a screening of 

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The Wars of Other Men

I just started the Official Scott Norman Actor Blog last week, and my first post is about my experience shooting the dieselpunk influenced short war film called “The Wars of Other Men“.

I play the lead role as a nameless lieutenant fighting for an army on the verge of defeat, ordered to lead a squad through the war torn city to capture the scientist responsible for the creation of the enemy’s chemical super weapon.

The film was tremendous labor of love for all involved, and was a lot of fun to work on. Now we can finally say it’s complete. It’s been getting quite a bit of attention and support recently, particularly in the Steampunk and Dieselpunk communities.

Check out the trailer:

Here’s a sample from my post:

I am so impressed by the progress of this unlikely film project, The Wars of Other Men by Mike Zawacki, that I just have to take some time to write about it. This little short film continues to impress and surprise me — and has from the very beginning…

…If you want to know a little more about the project, click on that Kickstarter link above (or below) and watch the video. After the short trailer is a cool presentation by Mike Zawacki about the making of TWOOM. I think you’ll find the backstory in it interesting. And, if you decide to kick in a couple of bucks to the project, you’ll not only be a part of something really special, but you will make a group of filmmakers in Detroit very happy.