Not So “Full-Sized” Retro Refrigerators Can Save You Money

Here’s the rundown…

  • Chambers-MRS330-blue-open-loadedFull size retro refrigerators are much more expensive than their normal refrigerator counterparts—sometimes upwards of $3,000 and $4,000!
  • Slightly smaller models with fewer of the more modern features are usually a lot cheaper. Like under $1,000.
  • These smaller options fit in more of the retro style spaces we’d like to put a refrigerator in.

My point is, maybe you don’t really want or need, a full-sized fridge after all.

If you want “retro-style” and affordability, you might be willing to trade in a couple of cubic feet of storage to get something that looks great, matches your retro motif, AND fits into your budget.

This retro refrigerator article lists several options you might want to consider, from 9 cu ft up to 12 cu ft.

Check it out!

Finding Affordable Vintage Style Refrigerators

At the beginning of my search online for vintage style refrigerators, I thought, “Dang, these things are expensive!”

“$2,000 or even $3,000 and more? For a FRIDGE?”

And, the really nice ones were only available in stores, not online, at stores that were nowhere near me.

So I dug a little deeper. It turns out that you can do better to do the search for “retro refrigerators” on store websites instead of on Google.

Google tends to favor brands that can afford to pay for ads, and those brands can afford it because they charge premium prices for their products.

Do a search for “retro fridge freezer” on Home Depot’s website:
retro fridge freezers at Home Depot
… and you may find a brand or model that you hadn’t heard of before. “Unique” for example!

I wrote an article that introduces a few different cheaper models for retro refrigerators.

Each of the vintage style refrigerators in the article costs below $1,000 and is available to purchase online at major retailers. So, you can get it delivered to your home!

There IS a bit of a trade-off: You’ll have to go with a smaller size and fewer options for the lower price. Such as a maximum storage capacity of about 12 cu. ft., and sometimes only two colors to choose from.

(To paraphrase Henry Ford on his Model T: “You can get it in any color you want, as long as it’s black or red.”)

These few vintage style refrigerators are just a sample of what you can find when you eschew Google and go straight to retailer websites with your search.

I hope this helps. Good luck on your search!

~ Scott


Learning about Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems for Home Use

Many people are taking control of their health by taking control of their water. Tap water just isn’t as healthy as it used to be.

More and more people are deciding to filter their water at the tap instead of buying bottled water, and are using Reverse Osmosis water filter systems for home use.

What do you need to consider? What’s the right system for your home? Is it affordable?

Online, you’ll find much of what you need to know about a reverse osmosis water filter system: How it works, what you need to consider, and how to chose the best reverse osmosis water filter system for your home.

Mainly, the general list of considerations is short:

  1. What impurities you need to remove from your water;
  2. What you want to KEEP in your water;
  3. How much water you’ll need filtered in an average day;
  4. How much space is available in your cabinet or under your sink for a RO water filtering system;
  5. Can you afford to maintain and replace the filters regularly;
  6. What is the water pressure in your water feed line;
  7. Will a professional have to install it?

However, the details behind each of these considerations is worth researching in a little more detail.

For more details, check out this article about how to choose a good reverse osmosis water filter systems for home use.

Narrowing Down Your Outdoor Refrigerator Options

There are hundreds of options available when you’re looking for an outdoor refrigerator.

It’s unlikely you’ll find a full-size refrigerator that is up to the task of functioning properly in an outdoor environment, unless you go with the expensive commercial-rated types. It’s more likely you’ll find undercounter refrigerator options designed to fit into an outdoor kitchen island or something.

Over at, you’ll find a number of articles that make it easier to filter out your options.

The article “3 Good Outdoor Mini Refrigerators” summarizes the things you need to know about outdoor refrigerators before you buy, and suggests 3 good models to choose from, just to get you off to a good start in your search.

The three suggestions in that article are in the middle prices range for outdoor compact refrigerators, but look out for more articles in their list for luxury models, and models under $1,000.

MORE Garage-Ready Refrigerators?

Just when you thought they were becoming impossible to find, another list appears, and with strategies for how to find the best garage ready refrigerators. Worth a look.

Interview with Mike Zawacki and Scott Norman, The Wars of Other Men

Interview with Mike Zawacki and Scott Norman, The Wars of Other Men.

Our First International Screening — “The Wars of Other Men” Screens at Keycon 2013 in Canada

Wish I could go to Keycon and screen it in person!

"The Wars of Other Men"

Winnipeg, MB, CANADA — Keycon 30 will be the first venue outside of the US to host a screening of “The Wars of Other Men” this weekend on Sunday, May 19, 2013.

Keycon is an annual Science Fiction & Fantasy convention where fans, artists, and writers gather in a welcoming and inclusive environment to celebrate all aspects of Sci-Fi & Fantasy, from books and games to television and movies. The convention has become famous for the inclusive and social atmosphere found in its themed “Hospitality” rooms. One fan favorite is the Masquerade Costume Contest where contestants flaunt costumes they’ve spent as much as a year preparing.

This year, Keycon celebrates its 30th anniversary with some additional special events added to the usual fare of gaming, panel discussions, art shows, and demonstrations. There will be a special “yearbook themed” program, a Geek Prom and Awards Dinner, and — special to us — a screening of 

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